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We deliver high quality, personalized marketing and branding solutions to today's sports and non-profit leaders.


Enjoy the benefits of achieving a deeper, more

intimate level of fan engagement.


The strategy and ground rules for branding are constantly evolving.  Multimedia marketing, social media, mobility and changing demographics are challenging leaders to think differently about branding.  We can help you capture and keep the attention of your targeted fans, including sponsors and donors, and keep them coming back for more.


Developing and sustaining fan interest, loyalty and trust is more difficult than ever.  Delivering high quality, useful and compelling on-line content to attract and retain your audience is a must.  We help customers create relevant, interactive content that increases engagement and drives profitable customer action.  We even offer virtual reality programming.


Having a plan for what to say is important.   Knowing who's listening is essential.  We provide analytics and reporting to help our customers know which fans are consuming content and assess whether or not they like it.  Our detailed metrics help customers understand which ideas work and where to improve.  Our analytics also support lead generation efforts.

Get tactical.  Maximize your growth potential with

customized marketing services for fundraising.

Fan Affinity offers affordable strategy, design, and marketing automation services to support the growth goals of today’s sports organizations, schools and non-profits.  Our approach is designed to help organizations generate revenue faster, improve sponsor retention, and condition supporters to give more over time.

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Dominate your competition with amazing designs, impactful

messaging, and game-changing analytics.

Fan bulletins are marketing websites that give customers an easy way to promote their brand, and connect and measure interest from fans, donors, season ticket holders and sponsors.  Each bulletin comes with analytics and is optimized for ease of use and performance on mobile devices.

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Fan Affinity offers high quality, personalized branding and marketing solutions to support fan engagement and fundraising.


We help sports leaders and nonprofits connect with fans, donors and sponsors in a deeper, more sustainable and rewarding way.


Fan Affinity is an Austin, Texas based company, founded in 2015.


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