We solve some of the biggest challenges nonprofits face:

Donor acquisition and fundraising

Most organizations’ development database consists of people who have never given a gift…or if they have, they are long-lapsed.  This could be Social Media followers, email addresses or long-lapsed donors.


Through our partnership with, we're helping our customers engage…the unengaged.

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What is the revenue potential with Giverly?


The Giverly app has over 9,000 retailers, including Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, empowering your donors to search, shop and save with Giverly.  The app conveniently links to retailer's sites where purchases are made, and 50% of the affiliate commission royalty is credited back to your nonprofit.


What kind of royalties are we talking about?  Projections for just 250 shopping donors or local businesses, spending an average of $225 per month online, would be $20,250 annually.  Projections for 5,000 shoppers, spending the same average, would be $33,750 per month, or $405,000 annually.


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Check out the free Giverly app in action


Giverly is free for any registered 501c3 organization. Yep.  Free.  In fact, we even assist with the promotional work to get your non-donors engaged through email and social media.  You get new donors, dollars and data to help fund your mission.  Let’s work together to grow your organization while letting major retailers pay for your donor acquisition.

**We offer options for branding apps for large nonprofit organizations.  Depending on the level of customization, there could be initial setup and development costs.

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How does it actually work?


Giverly is a new giving option for your inactive, lapsed and non-donors to financially support your organization by shopping, saving and searching online.


How do we do it? By unifying over 9000 brands, discounts, coupons and special offers into one place we have created a value-added service that enables your non-donors to give back financially without writing a check.


But, that’s not all. We understand that the data generated by your donor’s online activity can help with targeted communications and future solicitations. This makes your development program smarter and your cost to raise a dollar lower.

There is no cost to get started.  Contact us today to to find out how.

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Ready to sign-up with Giverly?


Giverly works great for all nonprofits.  Giverly is free for any registered 501c3 organization.  Click the button below to sign-up with Giverly through the main corporate website.  Our standard setup process only takes a couple of days.  Custom branded Giverly apps typically take 2-4 weeks to launch.


 On the sign-up form, please note your nonprofit was Referred by FAN AFFINITY.  This will expedite the setup process and notifiy our team to reach out to your contact to begin the implementation.

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