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Tactical Marketing Services

for Athletics Fundraising

 Fan Affinity offers strategy, design, and marketing automation services to support the growth goals of today’s sports organizations, schools and nonprofits.   Our tactical approach enables customers to strengthen their marketing and communication strategies and increase qualified fundraising leads, without breaking the bank.

"I have had a great experience working with Fan Affinity.  I have a small staff with big dreams.  Rayan fills in the gaps for us and gives great advice and perspective regarding marketing and communications.  He absolutely impacted our bottom line and helped us generate revenue, and also provided the analytics that are vitally important to us as we work to understand the needs of our donors and sponsors.  Partnering with Fan Affinity has been a very positive experience for me and our department."

Jim Abbott, Asst. V.P. for Intercollegiate Athletics

Oklahoma City University

What is the Fan Affinity Score, and Why is it Important?

Fan Affinity saves organizations time and resources by managing lead nurturing programs.  Through targeted email campaigns, fan bulletins and social media activities, we track and measure fan engagement for our customers.  The Fan Affinity Score is a rank assigned to sponsors and donors based on their interests and qualification as a lead.  The higher the score, the more likely they are to support your organization.

We’ve been very satisfied with the work Fan Affinity has done for us.  They’ve given us a foundation from which we’ve really been able to grow our corporate partner program.  The benefits have not only been seen monetarily, as we’ve been able to raise quite a bit more corporate dollars, but Fan Affinity has also given us more credibility within the university and neighboring community.  They’ve given us a presence that’s both professional and impactful that we've not had before.


Jameson Adams, Assoc. Athletic Director

St. Edward's University

What is Giverly, and how can it help us fundraise?

The Giverly app is a new giving solution to financially support schools and nonprofits by helping their donors, fans, and community to search, shop, and save online at over 9,000 retailers.  When they shop and save, Giverly passes the affiliate marketing commission back to the school or nonprofit.  The Giverly app is free for schools, extracurricular programs, and nonprofits.


  •     Strategic Planning and Brand Building
  •     Sponsor and Donor Awareness Campaigns
  •     Marketing Promotions and Lead Generation
  •     Packaging and Partnership Development
  •     Data Analysis and Reporting


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“We have a great relationship with Fan Affinity.  Rayan was instrumental in helping us refine our fundraising strategy and restructure our corporate sponsor programs.  We’ve experienced a 2400% increase in our sponsorship revenue since we updated our programs.”

D.W. Rutledge, Executive Director

Texas High School Coaches Association



Fan Affinity offers high quality, personalized branding and marketing solutions to support fan engagement and fundraising.


We help sports leaders and nonprofits connect with fans, donors and sponsors in a deeper, more sustainable and rewarding way.


Fan Affinity is an Austin, Texas based company, founded in 2015.


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